Our Story

At a Glance

Customers 800+ Enterprises
Banks Used by 7 of Top 10 Gobal Banks
Adoption 120+ Petabytes of Managed Storage
Sold 1M+ Virtual Workspace Licenses
Markets Serving 15+ including Government, Education, Healthcare, Financial

The Atlantis Difference

Largest Global Workspace Deployments
Only HCI Vendor to Support Citrix XenServer
Enables Hyperconvergence on any Hardware
Simplest Virtual Workspace Solution
Repurpose / Extend Life of Existing Infrastructure


The world’s information is doubling every 1.5 years, fueled by 5 trillion connected devices, while IT budgets are expected to be flat through 2020.* Traditional storage and data centers are too monolithic and rigid, unprepared to handle exploding data growth and unable to deliver the performance required by applications like big data, analytics and mobility.

Atlantis Computing provides the performance of flash, the simplicity of hyperconvergence, plus the scalability and low cost of cloud to create agile data centers. Enterprises use Atlantis USX software to optimize and extend their existing storage investments as they evolve toward the modern data center design with Atlantis HyperScale and ultimately cloud platforms.

Atlantis solutions drive the cost of performance toward zero.

By shifting value and innovation from hardware to software, we enable enterprises to deploy all-flash storage at a cost that is lower than disk-based storage arrays. Businesses gain the assurance of resilience for all applications at a fraction of the cost of siloed and hardware-centric data centers.

“With over 800 customers globally, Atlantis is already a well-proven solution for users who want to create their own HCIS experience on existing hardware.”


Our Value

IT departments spend far too much time trying to keep machines running instead of innovating and automating. Because their legacy compute, storage and networking can’t scale, these organizations need to change their operational model: they have to bring agility and performance to their data center. Atlantis makes running VDI, remote office/branch office (ROBO), and server virtualization workloads more efficient than anyone else to drive down the cost of performance to next to nothing. Whether they’re supporting a hospital, bank, or government agency, IT organizations gain:

  • All-flash performance across the entire data center
  • 50-90 percent lower hardware cost, eliminating the
  • need for expensive external arrays and defering storage
  • purchases far into the future
  • Freedom of choice for server vendor and hypervisors
  • without vendor lock-in
  • Modular, pay-as-you-grow scalability

Our Partners

* Sources: IDC and Gartner.