About Us

Atlantis Computing is a software company that optimizes how storage is consumed in virtualized datacenters. Our award-winning solutions enable our customers to cut the amount of storage used by each virtual machine (VM), while boosting application performance and delivering increased storage flexibility in the datacenter.

We offer 100% software solutions that work with any enterprise storage, any server, and any hypervisor. We help build virtual storage environments that are simpler, faster, cheaper, and easier to manage—delivering dramatic ROI.

Our solutions offer comprehensive optimizations for virtual workloads such as databases, Microsoft Exchange, Big Data, test & development, line-of-business applications, virtual Citrix XenApp implementations, and virtual desktop deployments.

Atlantis Computing is privately held and funded by Adams Street Partners, Cisco Systems, El Dorado Ventures and Partech International, with headquarters in Mountain View, California and offices in Europe and Asia. Follow us on Twitter @AtlantisILIO

Our Customers

The cost and complexity of managing storage in virtualized environments has been a challenge for IT, often having to sacrifice storage capacity to deliver adequate VM performance. Our Atlantis ILIO In-Memory Storage Optimization Technology addresses these issues head-on. It intelligently processes all storage IO traffic before it leaves the hypervisor to dramatically cut the amount of data sent to storage—up to 90% less—while boosting VM performance. Atlantis ILIO also brings tremendous operational simplicity with automated deployment and ultra-fast provisioning engines that integrate with existing infrastructures.

Today, we enable the largest and most successful virtualization deployments in the world—proven at very large scale in hundreds of mission-critical deployments across all vertical markets: banking, healthcare, insurance, retail, energy, services, education, manufacturing, telecom, hosting providers, government sectors, and more—including the largest VDI deployment in the world: 100,000 users at JPMorgan Chase.