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The Atlantis USX platform provides the same risk reduction, compelling economics, and maximum flexibility benefits across industry segments with high investments in virtualized infrastructures.

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The US Army Medical Command (Medcom) has slashed user login times from five minutes to 30 seconds in an 11,000-user virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) project with the help of Atlantis ILIO flash caching software from Atlantis Computing.

Atlantis Computing offloaded in excess of 80% of virtual desktop IOPS… Similarly, the Atlantis ILIO appliance reduced the storage capacity when provisioning virtual desktops by over 85%.

U.S. Army Chess Contract


Experience a vast selection of porcelain, glass, ceramics and natural stone that will truly elevate any design. At Arizona Tile, there's a world of surfaces waiting to be explored. Through our exclusive relationships with select quarries and suppliers, customers will discover stunning surfaces they won't find anywhere else on Earth.

We received an Atlantis HyperScale (SuperMicro) appliance from Atlantis and within hours were up and running with a fully functional storage, network and compute infrastructure. The whole process is incredibly streamlined compared to the traditional approach of building up dedicated storage, computer, and hypervisor environments and then connecting the separate pieces together. With HyperScale we simply had to power on each node, answer a few questions and before our eyes the whole environment was built. The end result was a fully integrated infrastructure with stellar all-flash performance," said Chris Murray, Director of Information Technology, Arizona Tile. "The Atlantis in-memory data reduction and IO acceleration technology from Atlantis yields incredible I/O speeds and actually reduces the amount of data saved down to the flash. We calculated that we could replace all of our racks of gear with just a few of these systems. It is mind-blowing to be able to bring up such a leading edge environment so quickly and so easily. The IT department is excited about the performance, form factor and ease of use; while the business is intrigued with the possibility of lowering the cost of co-location and IT services while improving the end-user and customer experience.

Chris Murray
Director of Information Technology—Arizona Tile


Wake Tech enriches lives by providing quality education, training, and workforce development to meet the needs of a diverse, growing community.

We are excited to put the Atlantis HyperScale appliances to work in our environment. Their cost-effective flash storage solution will enable us to offer more services with better performance than we would otherwise be able to implement," said Dr. Ryan Schwiebert, Vice President for Information Technology Services and CIO for Wake Technical Community College. "Our partnership with Atlantis will enable us to improve the services we currently provide for our students, faculty and staff.

Dr. Ryan Schwiebert
Vice President for Information Technology Services and CIO—Wake Tech


The Epiphany School of Global Studies, anchored in the Judeo-Christian commandment to Love God and Your Neighbor as Yourself, is a rigorous college-preparatory and globally-focused school where dynamic and innovative learning is stretched beyond the classroom walls, emphasizing the knowledge, skills, creativity, adaptability, curiosity, and international experiences students will need to flourish in an increasingly globalized 21st century—and accessible to students regardless of economic circumstance.

Growth is very rapid and a constant for us. Keeping up with the demand on hardware is tough. We put serious strain on our servers-on average 500 to 600 devices are accessing the servers on a daily basis. The consistent traffic can cause significant delays in the processes of our infrastructure's hardware," said Bobbi Jo Kelly, Director of Technology, The Epiphany School of Global Studies. We are looking forward to the addition of Atlantis HyperScale making dramatic improvements in the efficiency and reliability of our existing hardware and are excited about the cost savings we expect to garner. We anticipate the Atlantis appliance will quickly relieve the burden of processing and server strain so that the relentless access will streamline and result in a quick, reliable experience for our end users.

Bobbi Jo Kelly
Director of Technology—The Epiphany School of Global Studies


Well, formerly known as Co-operative Pharmacy is one of the UK’s leading pharmacy chains with 780 branches across the country. Despite the change of ownership and name, it is still the same great team of people offering the same fantastic levels of service.

Atlantis gives us the flexibility to manage the HyperScale hyper-converged appliance alongside our new HP environment, which will enable us to leverage our computing and storage infrastructure. We chose Atlantis HyperScale because it's simpler to use and it provides us with the ability to deploy the solution in minutes," said Martin Straw, IT Director, Well. "We are also set to enjoy a boost in our overall system performance by deploying Atlantis HyperScale.

Martin Straw
IT Director—Well


Peoples Cars was set up to provide customers with specialist Ford sales and servicing across the UK. With seven dealerships – in Edinburgh, Falkirk, Livingston, Accrington and 3 across Liverpool in Speke, Bootle and Prescot – their professional teams of Ford experts are perfectly positioned to help customers find the perfect Ford vehicle, wherever they are.


For more than 75 years ATB Financial has grown from one small Treasury Branch to become the largest Alberta-based financial institution, with assets of $37.7 billion. Today, more than 5,000 team members help more than 697,000 customers in 242 Alberta communities.

We are able to run more than 200 desktops on a SAN that without ILIO would only be able to run 50... Even when you take into account the cost of the Atlantis ILIO software, we saved 50% on the capital expense of our SAN.

Jonathan Travers
Head of European IT


The cost and operational complexity of maintaining and refreshing thousands of physical PCs drove HMSA to rethink its desktop computing strategy and initiate a switch to virtual desktops. HMSA chose Atlantis ILIO to provide a better-than-PC user experience, while increasing the number of virtual desktops per server from 30 to 200.

The combination of Atlantis ILIO and Fusion-io enables us to guarantee 1000 IOPS per desktop. In some cases, I have seen as much as 20,000 IOPS per desktop.

Mark Choi
Infrastructure Engineer

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Business Drivers

  • Employee mobility and enable work from home offices
  • Go live before London Olympics 2012


  • IO performance with shared storages
  • End-user acceptance issues

Within two weeks of contacting Atlantis Computing, we deployed 1,400 virtual desktops using Atlantis ILIO Diskless VDI to significantly accelerate desktop performance for our users and ensure the continued success of the project.

Andrew Rice
Global Head of IT
BLP (Berwin Leighton Paisner)


Mid Coast Hospital, Maine's most modern hospital, has deployed Atlantis ILIO storage optimization software on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) as part of its VMware View deployment to help streamline IT operations while providing reliable and high performance virtual desktops for physicians, nurses and staff.

The latest version of Atlantis ILIO is incredibly fast. We are able to deploy 70 linked clones per server in 12 minutes, and we can do that on all servers at the same time to scale to an unlimited number of users with no performance impact.

Michael Poulin
Manager, Network Services
Mid Coast Hospital


In addition to significantly cutting our operational costs, the improved security and centralized control of our desktop transformation allows us to more easily prove compliance with National Health Service governance directives....the improved performance realized with our new desktop virtualization implementation is allowing our doctors to spend less time waiting to access their devices and more time with their patients, thus improving the care we provide.

Dave Rose
Head of Design Authority
University Hospitals of Leicester


Washington Trust Bank, the largest independently owned full-service commercial bank in the Northwest, has deployed Atlantis ILIO as part of its VMware View desktop virtualization deployment to enable employees to access their virtual desktop from anywhere using Wyse thin clients and zero clients, iPads, personal computers or repurposed corporate PCs.

If adding more storage was the only solution, we were going to kill the VDI project... We had a sizable user base that experienced the pre-ILIO virtual desktop performance issues and once we migrated all the users to Atlantis ILIO, it was completely positive and the issues users were having evaporated.

Christopher Green
Vice President IT Infrastructure Systems
Washington Trust Bank

The Colt office of the future program has created a flexible working environment and helped to increase productivity. Using traditional disk-based storage architectures for VDI proved to be costly and complex. We therefore decided to take a new approach, running VMware View desktops with Atlantis ILIO on Cisco UCS servers without storage—Using Atlantis ILIO Diskless VDI simplifies our VMware View deployment, reduces operational complexity and delivers both a vastly improved user experience and a much lower cost per desktop.

Chris Hewertson
Colt Technology Services

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Atlantis Computing Inducted into the JP Morgan Chase Hall of Innovation

The deployment of virtual desktops is strategic to JPMorgan Chase. Virtual desktops increase user productivity, lower costs and will ultimately become a competitive advantage for us.

Paul McEwen
Managing Director
JPMorgan Chase

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Atlantis ILIO Solves the Virtual Desktop Storage Challenge for Swiss Bank

Atlantis ILIO is an enabler for VDI. If you don’t solve the storage IO problem, the cost per desktop is extremely high. For Frankfurter Bank, the cost per desktop was 2,000 CHF [$2,223 USD] using our SAN. If you don’t solve this intelligently, management won’t accept the cost of VDI and it will lead to project cancellation. Atlantis ILIO enabled us to implement VDI for a lower cost than a physical PC by reusing our existing SAN more efficiently and reducing our storage costs by 93% in the process.

Zdravko Ruzicic
Head of Systems- & Networkengineering
Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft (Schweiz) AG

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The idea was that if we attack this intelligently by using Atlantis ILIO, we can offload 80–90% of the storage I/O demand and keep the cost of vLab down for customers.

Rob Daly
Sr. Consultant
GlassHouse Technologies

We have been using Atlantis ILIO in our vLab to reduce storage by up to 90%, offload IOPS on our storage system by up to 80% and instantly provision VDI image components including as VMware View, VMware ThinApp, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft App-V and AppSense for enterprise customer proof of concepts (POCs)

John Premus
Service Director for Virtualization
GlassHouse Technologies

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It’s a pull rather than push effect. Early adopters like the new service because booting up, logging in and launching applications is much faster. Hearing this from colleagues rather than IT makes others ask if they can have it too. People want it as quickly as we can get it out to them. The cost per seat is between 20 and 25 percent lower than before.

Howell Huws
Sr. Consultant
head of business technology at H&F

Business Challenges

  • Business continuity and strong security are important competitive differentiators
  • Slow bandwidth delivery hampered employee productivity and affected customer service
  • Different WAN configurations and server setups among branch offices create IT support challenges


  • Cisco ISR G2 Routers with UCS E-Series Servers
  • VMware Horizon View
  • Atlantis ILIO storage optimization software

The beauty of the Cisco, VMware and Atlantis Computing solution is that it gives us the flexibility to run centralized or distributed applications at each branch, so we can apply whatever works best for a particular situation.

Erick Stoeckle
Network System Manager and IT Architect
Northrim Bank

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Atlantis ILIO improved user productivity significantly, allowing us to grow our XenApp estate by 20% with NO storage and decreased our helpdesk call volume by 70%

Jonathan Eyton-Williams
Practice Lead—End User Computing at Kelway

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Franciscus Hospital is a NIAZ (Netherlands Institute for Accreditation of Hospitals) quality certified hospital that provides all hospital services for the West Brabant region in the Netherlands.

The fact that we did not need to purchase any extra hardware, which comes with extra management and maintenance costs, was the most important factor in deciding to purchase Atlantis ILIO. The ILIO Software works on our standard hardware, so we did not have to make exceptions in our purchasing decisions.

Jan van Tillo
IT Manager—Franciscus Hospital

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The university is distributed across four main campuses with multiple remote sites. It has 25,000 users, including 2,500 staff.

Atlantis has kept the cost down and is easy to use, but in terms of performance, we can run all the virtual desktops flat out and still get 500 IOPS each, which is better than with physical desktops. We get latency of about 0.8 milliseconds via SVC and 0.3 or 0.4 milliseconds via Atlantis.

Daniel Bolton
Technical Architect—Kingston University London

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The Kelsey-Seybold Clinic is a large multi-specialty clinic system located in Greater Houston with its administrative headquarters in Shadow Creek Ranch, Pearland. The clinic system is a major provider of healthcare for NASA and a center for healthcare research.

So far our “desktop” speeds have increased and our management capabilities—which are now centralized—have streamlined.

Martin Littmann
Chief Technology Officer & CISO—Kelsey-Seybold Clinic

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Watchung Hills Regional High School is a regional public high school and school district serving students in portions of Somerset and Morris Counties in New Jersey, United States. As of the 2014-2015 school year, the school had an enrollment of 2,200 students and 150 teachers.

Watchung Hills was one of the few schools to use VDI for PARCC testing and we had the least amount of complaints of all schools.

Andy Bohl
IT Manager—Watchung Hills Regional High School

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Nationstar Mortgage, headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, just outside of Dallas, is one of the nation's leading mortgage servicers and lenders offering conforming, Fannie Mae, FHA, FHLMC, VA, Jumbo and USDA products directly to consumers.

By deploying Atlantis, we were able to not only have a cost avoidance of approximately $1,000,000, but we were also to reuse existing resources on the traditional storage solution which had an additional value of $200,000 - $300,000.

David Hammack
VP—Nationstar Mortgage

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Bath & North East Somerset Council is a unitary authority delivering public services to a population of over 176,000 people in the west of England.

Our calculations showed that it would be around 50% less expensive to purchase Atlantis Software than to adopt a more traditional approach to storage.

Imram Iqbal
Solution Architect—Bath & North East Somerset Council