Persistent Storage for Docker Containers

Providing enterprise infrastructure for Docker containers is still in its infancy with most storage and data services being unavailable before now. The lack of management tools, persistent storage, and data services has hindered the progress of Docker containers and microservice architectures. The problems that enterprises face in delivering Docker containers are the very same problems faced in the early days of desktop virtualization – an area of deep expertise and innovation by Atlantis.

Atlantis solves persistent storage problems for containers by delivering the first integrated container host with high-speed in-memory storage for container runtime and NFS connectivity to persistent storage for Docker volumes bringing enterprise class software-defined data services to containers for the first time. Atlantis has partnered with Rancher Labs to deliver a fully-automated, unified platform that can orchestrate and provision Docker containers as well as delivering purpose built application-defined persistent storage for Docker containers. The solution is a unified platform with provisioning and management of compute, storage and containers, combining in-memory and persistent storage.

Use Cases

  • Simple integrated infrastructure – Delivering compute, memory and storage for containers
  • Create an environment with disaster recovery using container replication, Docker volume or storage volume replication.
  • Container management for on premises and cloud-based containers.
  • Create a fast and efficient on premises Docker Image Registry.
  • Replicate Docker image library between environments.
  • Perform fast cloning of Docker volumes for development, test or quality assurance or backup or DR purposes.
  • Perform SnapShot and replication of a USX storage volume hosting Docker volumes for dev, test, QA or backup and DR purposes

Technical Preview Coming Soon

For Docker Containers

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“Atlantis and Rancher share the belief that applications should be truly portable between multiple clouds, without sacrificing performance or overwhelming users with point products. By building a single platform to manage infrastructure and containers, together we’re able to offer a fully-automated platform to support containers-as-a-service for enterprises embracing DevOps and faster software development.”

—Shannon Williams, co-founder and vice president of sales and marketing for Rancher Labs

“The power of workspace data services with a container strategy is very powerful – I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself. By integrating storage services into one tool that’s used to manage data and applications within containers, enterprises can easily transition to hybrid or public clouds and combine VDI and container management.”

—Scott D. Lowe, co-founder and principal analyst at ActualTech Media