Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI

Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI is the Only software solution that lets you deploy persistent virtual desktops that are cheaper and faster than a physical PC.

“This is absolutely the fastest desktop I’ve ever used in my life.”

Brian Madden Independent Industry VDI Guru

Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI is a 100% software solution that changes the way Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View consume storage, reducing storage requirements by up to 90% and delivering virtual desktops that are faster and cheaper than physical PCs. Using a combination of storage optimization technologies that deploy transparently on any hardware architecture, Atlantis ILIO In-Memory Optimization Technology processes all IO on server RAM before it hits primary storage to minimize IO by up to 95% and reduce the runtime storage footprint of desktops by up to 95%. Atlantis ILIO also automates the deployment of thousands of desktops across dozens of racks to reduce deployment risks.