Atlantis USX

Instantly increase storage performance and capacity .


Optimize and Extend Any Storage Platform and Any Storage Architecture

Atlantis USX is an intelligent software-define storage solution that can instantly deliver storage resources for any application more efficiently using a combination of existing data center infrastructure and hyperconverged building blocks. By harnessing the power of faster and cheaper processing power and memory, Atlantis USX eliminates the inefficiencies of SAN and NAS hardware, while at the same time delivering all-flash performance at a fraction of the cost. With Atlantis USX, IT organizations utilize enterprise data services for orchestration, management and monitoring of the environment enabling true agility in maximizing the application of IT resources.


Hyperconvergence on existing server platforms

Instantly make your existing data center more powerful with software

Eliminate silos by aggregating across all types of storage, platforms and architectures

Most Cost Effective

Instantly reclaim 90% capacity on any hardware

Reuse existing infrastructure for extended life

Migrate to lower cost hyperconverged architecture

Deliver enterprise data protection on the most cost effective hardware and configurations

Unlimited Scale-out Performance

Provides all-flash performance to any storage hardware

Linear scale-out performance by adding RAM, flash, or compute

No hardware vendor lock-in


Modular scalability

On demand resource scheduling and deployment

Unified platform across any hardware, architecture, and location

Widest deployment options for any software-defined storage solution

Atlantis Solutions

Atlantis technologies will change how you approach Virtual workspaces, ROBO, hyperconvergence, capacity reduction and more

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Atlantis USX Under the Covers

Learn how Atlantis USX can transform storage hardware using software to make it faster, cheaper and more reliable and ever before.

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