Atlantis ILIO Diskless VDI is a 100% software solution that is designed for use with Citrix XenDesktop or VMware Horizon View stateless virtual desktops, delivering better than physical PC performance with CAPEX and OPEX that is up to 90% lower than conventional solutions. Atlantis ILIO utilities like ILIO Snap Clone provide almost instant, extremely space-efficient recovery options for stateless virtual desktop environments. And it is fully compatible with native hypervisor tools and utilities across all major server hypervisor platforms, any type of storage, and Atlantis ILIO Center deployment automation to ensure rapid, reliable, and risk-free rollouts and recoveries.

Atlantis ILIO Diskless VDI leverages Atlantis Computing’s patent-pending In-Memory Storage technology to support deployments that require almost no external storage and scale predictably and linearly to reduce the risks associated with stateless desktop environments. This is an economically compelling solution that will please end users, desktop administrators, and IT management alike.

For more information on Atlantis ILIO Diskless VDI in the environment of your choice, download the relevant Solution Brief or White Paper.