Atlantis ILIO for XenApp

Reduce VDI
Linearly Scalable Performance
Maximum Flexibilty

Atlantis ILIO for XenApp is a 100% software solution that is designed for use with virtualized Citrix XenApp deployments. By optimizing how XenApp consumes storage, Atlantis ILIO allows XenApp instances to be run in server RAM at performance levels that far exceed what a physical PC or XenApp instance can provide and with up to 20% higher user densities. No network storage or SSDs are required in this much simpler architecture, and the risks associated with PVS write cache growth are neutralized. Deployments scale predictably using server resources—CPU and memory—and do not require additional storage (SSD, spinning disk) or networking infrastructure. And Atlantis ILIO supports deployment automation with Atlantis ILIO Center to reduce management overhead and ensure rapid, reliable and risk-free rollouts.

Atlantis ILIO for XenApp leverages Atlantis Computing’s patent-pending In-Memory Storage technology to support virtualized XenApp deployments that deliver better-than-PC application performance, do not require any SSDs or network storage, and reduce CAPEX and OPEX by up to 80%. This is an economically compelling solution that will please end users, desktop administrators, and IT management alike.

For more information on Atlantis ILIO for XenApp in the environment of your choice, download the Solution Brief or White Paper.