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Patented software from Atlantis transforms storage in the datacenter in the same way virtual machines (VMs) have transformed the server landscape over the last 10 years. Atlantis also uniquely enhances any storage hardware to perform up to ten times faster and increases its effective capacity by up to ten times. This new storage component of the Software-Defined Datacenter enables enterprises to use any storage for any application while using software profiles to configure its performance, capacity, and availability. The resultant storage runs at lightning speed and minimizes the impact in hardware and network infrastructure.

Atlantis Solutions

Atlantis technologies will change how you approach Virtual workspaces, ROBO, hyperconvergence, capacity reduction and more

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Unmatched Storage Agility, Efficiency and Assurance with Atlantis USX

Turbo-charge your data center performance by 10x, and get up to 90% capacity reduction all at HALF the cost of your current storage.

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