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Leverage Technical Experts World Wide

Atlantis offers global support of your Atlantis Solution Investment. Atlantis Customers have the ability to leverage the Web, Email, Phone, Technology Forums, the Atlantis Knowledge Base, and Onsite support. Key Customer Service options include:

  • Standard Support and Maintenance Agreements
  • Per Incident Support
  • Custom Support Options
  • Software Updates & Upgrades

Our support team is staffed with experts in Atlantis Solutions, Virtualization, High Availability, Backup, Storage, Networking, and Enterprise Applications. Gain access to a suite of tools that enables you to quickly resolve technical questions and issues related to our products. Get support through our Support Portal.

Atlantis offers web, email, outbound phone, knowledge base to customers that have purchased Atlantis products and a support contract. The support options include a standard support and maintenance contract, per incident support, custom support options with extended hours for large enterprise customers and onsite support to customers.

Service Locations

United States

+1 646 849 9850


+44 203 318 0469


+61 2 8073 9499

Atlantis Support and Maintenance Contract Benefits

Customer Portal—Manage your support needs online by creating a service request, checking status and adding notes on your service tickets.

Knowledge Center—Customers can access the Atlantis Customer Portal for the most recent and comprehensive technical information about Atlantis products and updates, as well as the latest troubleshooting guides.

Software Updates and Upgrades—Download the latest software upgrades for Atlantis USX and Atlantis ILIO including new major releases for the product under current maintenance contract at no additional cost. Features that are licensed and sold separately from the product under maintenance are not included in Software Upgrades and require separate licensing and purchase.

Contact an Atlantis Solution Partner or fill out a contact form to request more information on Atlantis support options.

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Existing customers with a support contract can contact customer support by email, phone or by submitting a case on the customer support portal.