Leverage software-defined storage to create your own hyperconverged infrastructure using disk-based servers at the speed of flash

Traditional data center architectures are complex, expensive, and inflexible requiring hardware architecture specific expertise that prohibits agility and the optimization of IT resources to the business objectives.

Atlantis Computing delivers the agility, simplicity, performance, and low cost that is missing from today’s data center. The solution includes software that combines with server compute, networking and local storage creating scalable hyperconverged infrastructure. Atlantis technology further optimizes and extends the infrastructure providing increased capacity and flash like performance. Costs are reduced by lowering data center infrastructure requirements and eliminating the need to ever buy shared storage hardware again.

No Data Center? No Problem!

A purpose-built HCI virtual workspace appliance for small and medium organizations.

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Replace costly SAN / NAS with simple hyperconverged infrastructure

100% Software-defined storage solution

Compatible with any hardware platform

Cost Reduction

10x storage capacity

Save 90% on infrastructure costs

Eliminate expensive SAN / NAS and modernize your data center

Reduce data center footprint with less hardware to cool, power, maintain


Deliver all-flash performance and extend the life of existing disks

Increase IOPS for any type of physical storage

Increase desktop and application performance

High performance deduplicated cloning & replication


Scale linearly and easily

Enterprise data protection across all nodes

Supports mismatched server platforms and disk configurations

The Ultimate HCI with Complete Flexibility

The Atlantis USX hyperconverged solution is software that integrates with any x86 server platform, memory, spinning disks, or local flash storage, and networking to create a custom tailored hyperconverged platform. Atlantis USX provides IT organizations the flexibility to scale compute, networking and storage independently.

Building the modern data center

Take a look into modern data center design and how agile IT principles, software-defined storage and hyperconverged infrastructure can maximize your IT investment.

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Reference Blueprints

Architect your own HCI or leverate one of the reference blueprint configurations below. Get 4 TB in 2U or a more robust 12TB and 24TB in 4U using a fraction of the physical capacity. Get a total of 96 cores (Intel Xeon E5-2680 v3), up to 3TB of RAM, 10GbE network cards and 12 or 24TB of all-flash effective storage capacity.

Atlantis USX Under the Covers

Watch under the covers of how Atlantis USX works to transform storage hardware using software to make it faster, cheaper and more reliable and ever before.

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