Atlantis Computing and VMware team up to provide a breakthrough solution that creates true software-defined storage that pools VSAN with SAN, NAS and Cloud storage. The joint solution optimizes the resultant storage by dramatically boosting performance and increasing capacity while enabling policy based controls that scale out on demand. Atlantis ILIO enables VSAN to run on any hardware including blade servers. Deployment automation with ultra-fast provisioning enables delivery of thousands of desktops in less than an hour.

Atlantis Computing and VMware VSAN transform storage

The patented Atlantis ILIO In-Memory Storage Optimization Technology provides incredible performance improvements by 5 times due to the Virtual Machines running in server memory and all IO being optimized in server RAM.  Atlantis ILIO optimizes and compresses resultant storage so as to provide 10 times number of virtual machines on the same physical drive capacity. The performance and capacity increases are due to enterprise-class optimization services.

Atlantis ILIO is proven at scale to deliver enterprise-class storage optimization services by inserting a transparent software layer between the virtual machine and the underlying storage infrastructure. The joint solution leverages pooled local solid state drives (SSDs) and hard disks (HDDs) created by VSAN with Atlantis ILIO to optimize the resultant storage pool radically improving storage performance and dramatically increasing the available storage capacity provided to the application.

VMware Horizon 6, Virtual SAN, and Atlantis ILIO is the ultimate hyper-converged platform for VDI

Get the most out of VMware VSAN achieving the following benefits: