Atlantis in Remote Office / Branch Office environments

Unmatched simplicity and protection for remote data centers at half the cost.

Centrally manage the applications and data of any location

IT organizations are being challenged more than ever to deliver information to the enterprise seamlessly across distributed locations throughout the world. Traditional remote or branch office site infrastructure is expensive, and very difficult to properly manage. With limited power, space, bandwidth, and on-site IT expertise, responding to the needs of the business can seem impossible.

Atlantis enables organizations to simplify their remote and branch office infrastructure with less hardware and at significantly less cost. The Atlantis Hyperscale appliance allows IT to deploy in less than an hour an entire infrastructure that is simple and easy to centrally manage with limited resources. Organizations can be confident delivering mission critical applications with powerful data protection to maintain business continuity.

‘HyperScale is a smart decision for ROBO environments and small distributed data centers because it provides an affordable, all-flash, plug-and-play storage solution that doesn’t skimp on performance, while also guaranteeing three years of data services and a single point of support. You can’t find this combination of benefits in any other hyperconverged appliance.”

—Robert Sims, Senior Solutions Architect, Cetus Solutions Limited

Purpose-built for Remote / Branch Offices

The first rugged Citrix workspace appliance expressly designed for today’s Intelligent Edge

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Deploy an entire remote or branch office infrastructure in less than an hour

Deliver and manage your entire remote or branch office infrastructure on one easy platform

Maintain a powerful infrastructure with limited IT resources

Lower Cost

Significantly reduce cost with converged storage, networking, and compute by up to 50%

Reduce datacenter footprint by using less power, space, and cooling

Lower operational costs with simplified infrastructure and centralized management


Replicate real time data efficiently between sites to extend and protect your data center

Maintain high availability with redundancy and automated failover

Perform backup, snapshots, and restores in less time with less required storage