Atlantis solving storage consolidation

Think you are running out of storage soon?

You already have what you need for the next 5 years

Datacenter storage requirements are growing at 40% per year—doubling every two years. The purchase of traditional SAN and NAS storage to meet this demand is costly and exceeding budgets. CIOs and CFOs are refusing to continue spending as storage costs become indefensible as a result of the margins enterprise storage vendors are charging.

“The margin revolt of storage costs may force content storage buyers and administrators to deploy different technologies and vendors, as staying on the current cost curve becomes untenable.”
— Gartner

Extend the life of existing SAN.

Atlantis USX enables businesses to get up to ten times more storage capacity out of new or existing hardware by transparently deduplicating and compressing datasets, consolidating SAN and NAS storage, unlocking direct-attached storage and making it possible to use public cloud storage for applications running in the datacenter. Enterprises that are running out of storage capacity can extend the life of their existing storage by more than 5 years without purchasing any additional hardware, saving millions of dollars per year.

According to IDC, The average compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for storage is 40%. The red line on the chart shows a company starting at 100 TB of storage used. Five years later, that same customer will need more than 500TB of storage.

With Atlantis USX, enterprises are able to reclaim 90% of that storage capacity on day one and extend the life of that storage system by more than 5 years before any additional hardware needs to be purchased. At that point, administrators can extend their capacity by pooling existing server direct-attached storage (DAS) with their shared storage to meet additional storage capacity needs. When all datacenter hardware is consumed, Atlantis USX makes it possible to create Hybrid Cloud Storage that pools SAN, NAS and DAS from the datacenter with public cloud storage from Amazon S3, VMware vCloud or other cloud providers. Atlantis USX also increases the effective capacity of new storage purchases by up to ten times via its patented HyperDup deduplication and compression technology, further reducing storage costs.

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