The Ultimate Virtual Workspace Solution

Traditional virtual workspaces are complex, expensive, slow, and inflexible leaving users frustrated while prohibiting IT from empowering users to work anywhere on any device.

Atlantis Computing delivers the agility, simplicity, best user experience, and low cost that is missing from virtual workspace infrastructures. Atlantis provides the flexibility to optimize performance and increase existing capacity on any mix of hardware, local and shared storage, or to transition to more efficient hyperconverged and public cloud architectures through a single platform. Atlantis solutions effectively reduce costs by lowering data center infrastructure requirements and eliminating the need to ever buy shared storage hardware again. Atlantis removes the complexities of virtual workspace infrastructure deployment and administration with a unified workspace management stack that provides greater visibility and is streamlined for rapid delivery with faster time to value.

No Data Center? No Problem!

A purpose-built virtual workspace appliance for small and medium organizations.

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1 million virtual desktops
delivered with Atlantis

Citrix ReadyVMware Ready

“Midsized and large enterprises often have complex infrastructure deployments that can be challenging to protect and manage from end-to-end. The integration that Atlantis has done with Citrix provides on-demand delivery of virtual workspaces that will be easy to adopt and deploy anywhere, even in public clouds.”

—Calvin Hsu, vice president of product marketing, workspace services at Citrix

Lower Cost

Deliver more performance and capacity with less infrastructure

Reduce Datacenter footprint

Manage and support less hardware

Best User Experience

Login times from minutes to seconds

Consistent performance faster than a PC

Sub-second application launch

Agile Infrastructure

Leverage any new or existing hardware

Deliver a cohesive platform across various architectures, datacenters, and clouds

Deploy with software or as a turnkey hyperconverged appliance

Simple Virtual Workspaces

Integrated with virtual workspace infrastructure

Turnkey automated deployment

Modular scalability

New Workspace Infrastructure Stack For Citrix

Atlantis is integrated with Citrix management tools as a single platform and collapses the management stack for seamless deployment and easier administration of virtual workspaces and infrastructure. The Atlantis Workspace Infrastructure Stack will expand Citrix‘s capabilities to orchestrate the management and provisioning of resources, with increased visibility from the endpoint down to the infrastructure. Together, this will allow administrators to simplify virtual workspace delivery, eliminate guesswork for scaling, reduce risk with proactive management, and ensure users consistently receive the best user experience.

Get Full Stack Unified Management

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Gibraltar Solutions

“We installed Atlantis and it was staggering. It was insanely fast.”

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